Conceptualizations of Europe in a supra-national perspective across social groups and networks

This is the project website of the Imagining Europe research project, initiated at the European University Institute, Florence. Here you will find extensive information about the project. Additionally, you can register your interest in being a team member and/or participating by filling in the form. Registering will not oblige you to anything, and the information you provide will only be used to keep you updated about the project.

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We are currently looking for team members in Italy for this project.
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Project summary
Imagining Europe is a 4 year research project on different imaginations (conceptualizations) of 'Europe' not only across national boundaries (in Estonia, the Netherlands, and Italy), but also across different social groups within those societies. Examples of such specific groups are working class vs. political/cultural 'elites', ethnic/national minorities vs. majorities, and more. 'Europe' means something different according to all of those characteristics, and the central objects of study in this project are those patterns, their relation to national and European identities, and to people's political behaviour. The empirical approach is 'mixed' (both quantitative and qualitative), and is followed up by a 'social networks' component. The project has its roots in sociology, anthropology, and political sciences, but 'borrows' from a number of additional academic fields as well. The project is initiated by Jeroen Moes, who works at the European University Institute (EUI) in the department of Political and Social Sciences (SPS).

Data collection (UPDATED January 2012)
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Currently, the project is in year 3 (of 4) of its development. That means that at this time the Italian and Estonian data collections are taking place. For this reason, we are looking for team members located in Italy and the Netherlands to help with data collection (the Estonian team has been set up, but feel free to contact us if you want to contribute). Click here for more information.

The Estonian data collection started in January 2011, and will run until February 2012.

The Italian data collection started in April 2011, and will run until at least March 2012.

The Dutch data collection will start around March 2012 and will run until at least September 2012.

About the project
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Part of the fieldwork for this project is kindly supported by UACES, the European Commission, and the Estophilus grant of the Estonian Institute.

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Imagining Europe is licensed under a Creative Commons License. For more information, contact Jeroen Moes.